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Mr. Weaver, College Prep Academy Social Studies Syllabus

School Year 2014-2015

Room W 102

653-8150, Extension 5435; Extension or just 35




1.      Coursework: Tests 35%, Quizzes 25%, Classwork/Computer Projects 30%, Homework 10%

2.      Traditional Grading Scale: A = 100-90%, B = 89-80%, etc.

3.     Course Outline

A.     CIVICS Grade 7

·        Quarter One: Foundations of Citizenship and Government.

·        Quarter Two: The U.S. Constitution’s Principles and our Federal Government, Voting, Elections, the Bill of Rights, and the Black Civil Rights Movement.

·        Quarter Three: The American Legal System and Democratic Values, State and local Government.

·        Quarter Four: The American Economic System, Foreign Policy, and American Democratic Symbols.


B.     American History Grade 8:

·        Quarter One: Roots of the American People, Colonial America, Causes and Effects of the American Revolutionary War.

·        Quarter Two: The Early National Period, featuring early Presidents and growth of political parties, Jeffersonian and Jacksonian Democracy, the problems of Afro-American Slavery, and Reforms in American Society.

·        Quarter Three: Causes and Effects of the American Civil War, Reconstruction, and America’s continuing look westward.

·        Quarter Four: Rise of Big Business, Immigration, and growth of cities; The Gilded Age and the Progressive Era.


4.     General Information:

·        Extracurricular: Student Government

·        Tutoring: Wednesday and Thursday, 3:15-4:00

·        There will be extensive essay writing and computer-based research projects

·        This is my 23rd year as a Jennings Jr. High Social Studies Teacher.