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The Infinite Scholar Program Supports The Arts  

After a long summer break, the
wait is finally over. The
Warriors are ready to Waltz
their way into your hearts with
the sound of classical music.
Making an appearance at
Open House and the first
P.T.O. Meeting of the year was
a great prelude to the first show
of the 2014-2015 school year.
However, the clock was ticking,
and September 5th would be
here before we knew it. This
Friday would be like none other.
For the very first time since the
inception of the JSD pilot string
program in February 2014, the
Warriors would have their
chance to play to a captive
national audience. Not just any
audience but one that at it's very
core endeavors to help kids get
into college. When I received a
phone call this summer from my
friend and founder of the
Infinite Scholar Program
Thomas Ousley, I was both
excited and honored to comply.
Our task was to provide
some beautiful dinner music
while the esteemed guest enjoyed
dinner and stimulating
conversation. Much to my
surprise many of the
conversations gave pause as the
melodious sounds of string
instruments filled the air. After
receiving many kind words and
compliments from their
audience, the Warriors enjoyed
a well prepared meal and
became the guest of Mr.
Ousley. Also, to top it off the
organization that focuses on
college admissions amongst
minorities made a monetary
contribution to our young
budding string program. The
Infinite Scholars Program has
two driving purposes: to prove
to financially disadvantaged
students and their parents that
they can afford college, and to
help them secure the funds they
need in order to attend. They
conduct Scholarship Fairs
where young scholars arrive
prepared with the documents
they need in order to talk about

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Octeenth Celebration  

On Thursday October 9th the Waltz Warriors will perform as a part of the Octeenth Celebration event.

What you can expect:

1. Date:  October PTSO Meeting

2. Location: Cafeteria/Gym

3. Jones - Choir singing spirituals and songs of the 1920s - 1950s

4. Johnson - Dance of the 1920s-1950s (square dance, minuets, lindy hop, etc.)

5. Weaver/Vam - Speeches, Orations, Frederick Douglass - Why the Negro should not celebrate July 4th

6. Keys/Foster - Poetry, Newspaper Articles, Recitations

7. McKay - Strings performing Jazz selections

8. Hoffman - Art work

9. Davis - Soul Food - Chicken, Greens, Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Tea

Weekly Master Classes  

Beginning September 3, 2014 master violinist Adrian Walker started his master class series with the Jennings Waltzing Warriors.

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JJH and KMOV News  

We were privileged to be apart of a piece that KMOV's Claire Kellet did on JJH. I am proud to share this with you. The link is below.


Junior Urban Music Program (JUMP)  

Urban Youth Orchestra

Orchestrating Diversity brings professional musicians and college faculty to young inner-city students in an intensified educational program. We have both beginner and advanced programs. For 8 weeks during the summer and 33 weeks while school is in session, students are taught music theory, history, and musicianship at the college level. They also participate in an ensemble performing symphonic literature, and are given private lessons on their instrument by many of the finest musicians in the area. The program is free for all students and is offered at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center. We seek to even the playing field with the goal of increasing diversity in the orchestra. We also aim to nurture the acceptance of diversity as a more rich social framework and bring the transformative power of music to replace despair with personal engagement in creating the lives of the young people we reach.

I’m excited about our partnership with Orchestrating Diversity. Their Junior Urban Music Program (JUMP)  is one of a kind. The Waltzing Warriors will an opportunity to work with members of the St. Louis Symphony and their affiliates...”

                                                                                                                                                        - Mr. McKay



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P.T.O. Performance  

Our national Anthem performance was a great success. The Waltzing Warriors have gotten off to a great start. We were asked by Mrs. Foster to make a special presentation for the October P.T.O. meeting you won't want to miss this.