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JJH Project Leadership Helps Hurricane Victims
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017
By the Students in Ms. Zavadil's Project Leadership Class

      When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Project Leadership wondered how they could help people.  We did not know how many more people would need our help  as Hurricane after hurricane occurred and more and more people were affected.  We also did not know the greater impact our project would have.

      We challenged JJH to give up their snacks for a day and give that money to Change for Change Hurricane Relief.  We did this for several days and challenged  each house. We raised $117!!  When Mrs. Zavadil told her friend about our  project, her friend was impressed and decided to match our donation, we now had  $234!

      When her friend told her church about our project, they too were impressed and they too matched our donation, for a Grand Total of $468!  We were amazed at how a little JJH change, could make such a big CHANGE!!

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