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Meet JJHCPA September Student Of The Month
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Vendessa Roberts
Vendessa Roberts
By Kayla J. Williams, CPA Student

At Jennings Junior High there is a new Student Of The Month in College Prep Academy, which is fellow A+ honor roll student  Vendessa Roberts.  Vendessa Roberts is an 8th grade student in CPA who has 100% on her attendance record, which is mandatory for the Student Of The Month.  The Student Of The Month ceremony was held at Jennings School District Board of Education.  I personally asked Vendessa how she feels about being Student Of The Month and she stated, “I am very excited, but proud of myself because I’ve achieved a lot this year.” Vendessa was indeed excited since she was supported by fellow JJHCPA students such as Briana Johnson, Jeatai Woods, Mya Warren, Jasmine Harris, and  Devon Titsworth.  Therefore, Jennings Junior High is very proud to have Vendessa Roberts as the Student Of The Month and can’t wait to see what she does later in life.

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