Uniform Information
Top: Girls
White or red collared shirts with a sleeve
Girls Bottom Image
Bottom: Girls
Khaki or black pants, skirt, or shorts
Top: Boys
White or red collared shirts with a sleeve
Bottom: Boys
Khaki or black pants or shorts
A belt is preferred.
No flip-flops or opened foot sandels will accepted
No hoodies are allowed.
Additional Notes
Please observe the dress code for Jennings Junior High School for the 2016-2017 school year. We enact a dress code in an effort to promote an environment free from social acceptance based on apparel and clothing styles. When students are adorned in a uniform at school, it allows them to be free of the social stigma that students are sometimes faced with based on their clothing or popular clothing styles. For this reason, we ask for parental support by ensuring that your child is only dressed in the listed/approved school uniform items.